Sunday, May 26, 2013

5-26-2013 Update

So I haven't done a great job keeping this updated lately. I've really just lacked the motivation to do it. I've lacked the motivation to do a lot of nerfy type stuff, actually. Since the last update, I painted the 3B/Praxis, only to discover that the turret needs to be redone, so I may just take off the turret and use it for something else.

I also angel breeched an Elite Alpha Trooper. The ranges with an OMW 5kg retaliator/rampage spring were not great, averaging in the mid 40's. I designed a powerstock for it and put a lot of eggs in that basket, but it really doesn't seem to increase range at all. I also ordered a couple SG nerf 8 kg retaliator springs, hoping that maybe that would help. When they finally arrived, the blaster shot better with the weaker OMW spring. I ended up reducing the barrel to 6", but its still not shooting nearly hard enough to justify doing a writeup, like I had planned. Its not really the viable NIC primary I was hoping I could make it into. I was hoping for something that was comparable to my longshot that was a bit smaller and lighter, but in the end, the EAT ended up feeling about the same weight, so I'll probably just shotgun grip the longshot like I had originally planned.

Finally, I also obviously have been slacking on the HAMNO 2.4 video. I didn't end up making it to 2.5 and 2.6 is next weekend. I'll do my best to have the video done before then.

So that's about it. I'm going to try to do a little modding tomorrow, but we'll see if that actually happens.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

4-21-2013 Update

So I did end up getting my longshot/rough cut touched up with a fresh coat of paint. Here are some pics, though it just looks the same as before.

This weekend I also finally got around to sanding and painting the 3B/Praxis. It still needs clear coat and I sort of forgot to sand and prime the coupler piece with the polycarb side plates for the turret, so I need to do that too, but all in all, its pretty close.

And that's all I have from this week. Ideally, I'll get the 3B/Praxis finished up before HAMNO 2.4 this weekend, but you never know.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

4-13-2013 Update

Yeah, so its been a really slow month nerfwise for me. I've worked on a bunch of different things, but none of them are near finished. First off, I went ahead and attached the turret to my T3k 2.0 to prevent the turret from falling off again, which was the only problem it had at HAMNO 2.3.
I've also bondo'd my 3B/praxis, and once I'm happy with it, I'll sand it and paint it. I may be able to do that tomorrow, but its more likely that it gets put off until next weekend.
I also saw a vulcan on nerfhaven that inspired me to bust mine back out and do some much needed work on it. I've minimized it further and have ripped the firefly stock off of it. This may be shelved for a while, though, as I've sort of blown my nerf budget this month, and I'll need to get some wood or more polycarb for a stock.

I've blown my budget because I ended up ordering a couple 12 dart PAK-D clips. Unfortunately, there was a mixup with shipping, and they got shipped to my billing address instead of my shipping address, which is my parents house in Houston. Because of that, they'll get a trial by fire at HAMNO 2.4. I've taken my spare LS and put my old angel breech in it along with the OMW 8kg spring so that I have something that can use the clips.

Also, I've done some rehab on my LS with the rough cut integration. I need to sand some stuff down on it, then it'll be ready for touch-up paint. That will probably be done this week.

So that's whats up. I've just been pretty busy and have had a bit of trouble getting inspired to do anything. So  yeah hopefully, I'll have some stuff to show within the week.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Well, I've still been pretty busy at work so not much has gotten done, modding wise, but I did finally finish the war video for HAMNO 2.3, so here it is.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

SMG Stampede

As stated earlier, I've finally done cosmetic work on my SMG Stampede and given it a paintjob. Still running off 4 trustfires with a cut down 3B spring in it.

3-23-13 Update

Well, its been a pretty slow two weeks on the Nerf front. I haven't really put a whole lot of time and energy into it since the past update. I haven't touched the crossbow, and its pretty apparent that it won't be done for HAMNO 2.3 next weekend. I did, however, do some work last weekend on my 3B/Praxis abomination. I added a k25 to the 3B and made a firefly turret for it. We'll see exactly how well it performs at the war next Saturday. It still needs some bondo work and a paintjob, and that might get done this week, but its not likely.

I've also done cosmetic work on my stampede and have been painting it. It should be done by tonight.

I'll be heading to the H on Thursday morning, so I pretty much have til Wednesday to get everything squared away for the war, which shouldn't take much. And that's really all I got for now.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

3-09-13 Update

So I was able to get a little bit done this week, but not all went well.

I cpvc breeched my retaliator longstrike last night. It... didn't go well. Its really inconsistent and doesn't seem to shoot well at all. I was pretty disappointed with it. This was an irreversible mod, so its a real bummer. With the hybrid longstrike/retaliator breech I had, it performed surprisingly well, so I expected a lot more from it. I suppose I could try to fiddle with it and try to get it working consistently, but I'm not sure its worth it. I may end up transferring the semi-auto panther to it's shell or using the shell for another rainbow. We'll see.

I also got my crossbow functionally finished. Unfortunately, I made my trigger a bit more "stock"ish when I had intended to give it more of an "extended draw" for an integration. Thing is, the trigger came out pretty nice which makes me not want to make another one. As it is, though, I have no idea how to do the integration I had planned. I may end up needing to make another trigger for it anyway.

Aside from still needing the integration, it obviously needs a paintjob and some cosmetic work as well, but yeah, here it is.